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Inbound Telesales Training

  • Increase Calls To Sales
  • Develop Stronger Relationships
  • Revitalise and Increase Confidence

Inbound Telesales Training


Inbound Telesales Training Course Duration: 1 Day


Number Of Attendees: Maximum 12

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Problems this training course is designed to solve:

  • Your team are seeing declining calls to sales or calls to meetings.
  • Your team are facing barriers that they talk about in terms as  ‘we can’t overcome objections’ or ‘we are having trouble closing’.
  • Your team do not understand  the real motivations behind why the other person is ringing in to your business.
  • Your team are lack the confidence and/or creativity to really ‘pull it out of the bag’ when faced with challenging situations.
  • Your team lack the confidence to talk professionally about why you are the only choice to do business with.
  • Your team are inconsistent in their results which is causing you severe headaches in forward sales planning.
  • Your team are giving ‘lifeless pitches’ which are not engaging the person on the other person on the line and are not bringing life into your products or services.
  • You don’t know how to take the team to the next level on your own and would welcome outside help with inbound telesales training.

Who is this  training course for:

  • New Inbound Telesales Representatives where it is vital to give them the greatest possible chance of success and retain their long term services.
  • Veteran Inbound telesales representatives who can benefit from new, cutting edge strategies, processes and a burst of revitalising from an external professional trainer and coach.
  • Sales team leaders who can benefit from new strategies, new ideas combined with proven best practice which they can then cascade through the team.


Training Course Structure:

This inbound telesales training is run in a workshop environment facilitated by your expert trainer. Prior to the training your team will be set exercises to identify their current inbound telesales methods and how effective they are and also their knowledge and understanding of your market place. During the workshop your team will be highly focused on developing your company specific strategies for effective inbound telesales.


Course Content:


  • Fantastic First Impressions – How to create the right impression and eliminate call tension and build the relationship instantly.
  • Relationship Building – How to build and maintain a feeling of trust and engagement with the caller.
  • Uncover the Motives – How to professionally uncover the easily given and the often hidden true motives for the call.
  • Selling To Their style – Identfying different buying types and how they like to be sold to as well as how to sell to difficult people
  • Action or Not – How to develop the case for taking action by understanding the consequences for the individual of taking action and not taking action and even building a business case where applicable.
  • Positioning Your Service – How to position your products or service as the correct choice in an nonthreatening and engaging manner that meets the callers real buying motives.
  • Disregard Knee Jerk Reactions – Often regarded as objections, your team will identify at leat three ways to stop these happening or assist with every knee jerk reaction spoken.
  • Increase Sales – How to confidently and with no pressure, introduce add on sales, cross sales and set up recurring sales contracts.
  • The sales killer! – How to avoid and never lose business to  the ‘we need to shop around’ excuse.
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