Sales Objections How to handle – “Im not interested!”

Sales Objections

sales objections - im not interested

Very often when making cold (or warm) calls, the other person will say one of the best sales objections in the world:

“No I’m not interested!”

This usually comes just after you have made your introduction. There are a couple of ways you can deal with this effectively and we will look at these in a minute after we look at what not to do:

Sales Objections Don’ts:

  • Never argue back or try to be clever. Saying something like “How do you know your not interested, you don’t know what I’m selling” will end up getting a  response similar to “You are right and I never will – so pi** off!”
  • Never just carry on the pitch as if you haven’t heard them. This will wind them up and close any potentail doors you ever had.

Sales Objections Do’s:

  • Develop a better opening statement and Value staement that will significantly decrease resistance and the number of times you hear this. I covered this in a previous sales blog article – telesales opening lines
  • Try understanding their position and keeping the conversation going “I’m sure you have a very good reason for saying that. Do you mind me asking what that is?” This is a tried and tested way of dealing with Im not interested and seeks to understand the real reason why they are not interested. They might be in a rush to get to a meeting, they might have an existing supplier, they might not be the right person or they might just be rude. If you don’t ask you will never know, will never continue the sales dialogue and could close that door for ever.
  • If you are feeling confident and secure in yourself, why not diffusing the situation with the confident delivery of something like “Well, that was blunt. Where do we go from here?

Give these two a try next time you are faced with sales objections specifically “I’m not interested”. If you don’t like these, that’s OK. Just make sure you have a few that work because there is one thing for certain – you will hear sales objections especially that phrase!

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Facebook comments:

  1. I haven’t heard this since I was selling photo-copiers (which was a while ago!).

    I have to say that if any of the execs/buyers that I interface with in my current role said this I would consider them very rude and I would expect their seniors to take the same view.

    That said, I think that the best way of handling this is: “Well, that was blunt. Where do we go from here?” As it doesn’t credit the comment with too much importance or merit and you haven’t lost any altitude.

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