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How We Can Help You

We work with you and your team to:

  • Build and develop the confidence to pick up the phone, make contact with people and win appointments and new business.
  • Create new business opportunities with focused sales positioning and sales prospecting.
  • Avoid chasing prospective clients that have no intention of buying from you.
  • Solve your biggest  headaches.
  • Exploit areas of immediate growth that your competitors are not even aware of.
  • Develop professional, credible, succinct, messages that will powerfully articulate what it is you do, the value you bring, and why someone should do business with you.
  • Increase personal motivation and drive which will lead to increased activity, increased prospecting, increased success at every stage of the sales process and ultimately more profit.
  • Train your staff in the behaviours, attitudes and skills of your top performing  people.
  • Provide  Training that is engaging, fun and gives instant results.


Have a look around our  site to see what might be a good fit with your requirements and then give us a call. We would love to see how we can help you with your sales challenges and goals.

Why Us?

Consider the following when deciding on  Training:


  • All  of our courses and consultancy are 100% Guaranteed. If you do not think you have got twice the value  of your investment, you can ask us to carry on working until you have. Or You can ask for your investment back.
  • We work with You to identify real outcomes in solid business terms. Everything we do before, and after, the training is geared to really demonstrating real return on your investment. This means you can track the improvement in profitability as a result of your sales training and/or sales consultancy.
  • You benefit from the most advanced accelerated learning techniques available in the training world. We guarantee our training isn’t  fluffy ‘chalk and talk’ or death by powerpoint! Everything is designed to be used immediately and still be remembered and used months after the training.
  • You get real and quantifiable post course support – We guarantee it. It is after the initial sales training where the work really begins. Your team will walk away buzzing with new ideas, techniques and a whole new mindset and enthusiasm for the job at hand. It is now the real work starts! To enable this enthusiasm to be transferred into long-term habit and actions we will provide a unique post course follow up plan.  This can include weekly emails, refresher videos and or ‘bite-sized’ refresher workshops.


What We Can Do:

Our genconfidenceeral client work is often in house. What that means is we specialise in getting to know you and your specific goals.

We may engage you in an initial orientation project where we can find out exactly what your requirements are. Which ever way we engage we will always make recommendations on the best solution for you.


Relevant Resources:

There are some great resources with a whole host of information available on the web, While you are engaging with us it will also help to do some background research on the current trends in other Industrys.

Modern Selling is a great UK centric Sales blog full of articles and videos. There is also the very good UK business forums and their sales specific forum   is very interactive – mainly with small to medium businesses. has a very in-depth sales section and of course, there is the sales wiki to provide background information and further resources.

Of course, our highest recommendation goes out to which is an immense wiki or sales processes, structures and templates.

Have a good look around our site and when you are ready use the enquire form on the right or give us a call.




Simply leave your details below and we’ll contact you with more details.

For more information call 0845 643 4165
For more information call 0845 643 4165