5 common mistakes in the construction of the sunroom

The sunroom is a practical addition to the house. In summer it serves as a recreation area, and in winter you can store on it what does not fit in the house. The sunroom will also be an addition to the facade of the house, making the architecture more elegant and pleasant. However, all these qualities may become unavailable if built incorrectly. Even companies with a good reputation may make a mistake when creating it, so everyone should learn all the subtleties before building such a recreation area.

Common mistakes in the construction of the sunroom


Depending on the stage of construction of the house, you need to choose the right foundation sunroom. Otherwise, you can at best lose the rest area, and at worst – the main building. The mistake is the wrong laying of a cheap block foundation. Auburn soil under the foundation of the sunroom should be replaced by a layer of non-wetland thickness of 20-40 cm. The new layer should be qualitatively compacted in layers (processed every 5 cm). You should also take care of drainage on each side of the foundation, except for the one adjacent to the house. When choosing piles, it is not allowed to use indented, pile-ups and driven piles. Concrete piles must not be placed close to the house. Screw piles are the best solution.

Material selection

The material to be built must also be carefully considered. It is not recommended by LGL Sunrooms to choose steel for the frame, as this material is not elastic, it is better suited for piles. A stone sunroom requires a professional analysis of the main structure to predict its impact on the house. It is recommended to choose wood as the basic material because of the combination of elasticity and strength in the absence of great rigidity. These qualities will reduce the negative impact on the construction, and the sunroom will last a long time.

Lighting design

It is important to think about electricity on the sunroom before construction because more often the family gathers together and rest in the evening. It is necessary to prepare in advance the wiring scheme and follow it. In addition to professional nuances, you need to follow a few simple rules: to bring electricity to the switch should be from top to bottom, and to the sockets – from bottom to top, copper and aluminum wires can not be connected, sockets should not be located where high humidity and heating devices. In this case, the distance from the floor should be kept at 0.5 m. It should be noted that aluminum is worse suited for wiring than copper. It is also important to think about protecting the wires from moisture, especially on the open sunroom.

Proper care

A popular material for the construction of sunrooms – wood. However, it needs careful care, as this material rots and ignites quickly. Wood, prepared in the autoclave is expensive, but it serves for decades. For another tree, impregnation is necessary. The most popular are water-soluble (not burning), bituminous (keep the wood for a long time), acrylic (prevent fungus) and alkyd (protect against destruction) impregnations. It is worth choosing impregnation based on the functionality of the sunroom: if you plan to prepare products, you can not use flammable impregnation.

Forces of action and counteraction

It is important to consider the impact of the annex and the main building on each other. The soil under the building differs from the ground of the site, so you should select the size of the building so that it does not affect the soil processes included in the project. If the building structure is lightweight, the addition will have a mechanical effect on it. Loads from wind and snow lead to the destruction of the house, with the wrong size and location of the sunroom. The forces with which the house and the sunroom affect each other are capable of “doctorage” and cause destruction. This outcome is predictable for corner projects. The optimal choice is either straight or belt type.

Glass Partition Walls


The installation of Glass Partition Wall is a home improvement business that almost anyone can do even with a bull’s foot. The glass walls make a beautiful scene wherever they are placed. They emit a peaceful but exquisite climate around them, but at the same time, they give protection.  There are some steps required to install the glass walls, the first is to choose where you should enter them and complete each of the measurements so you know what to do at home or in the tool shop.  The initial segment of the installation of the glass wall is to gather most of your measurements so that when you enter the store at home you know exactly what or what number you need.

The next section is to gather all the vital instruments and supplies so that you can carry out your responsibility accurately to dodge each time you take walks back to the team or either the store at home.  Since you have most of the fundamental appliances and supplies, the time has come to have the opportunity to work; Insert a 1 by 2 load along the edge so that when the walls are established, cover the load on the back and front. Now, cover the board with a sealant so moisture does not ruin the wood.

Currently, after these two media have been made, they are ready for the mortar.  The curve of the panel is maintained in the form of an L, nails the clips of the panel to the housing and, from here, includes another line every third-line. Currently, it is prepared for a large number of column-walls and their separators. Look This link Four Season sunroom or LGL Sunrooms

Once this is done, you can mix the mortar of glass wall and, using a mortar-knife, place a part of mortar on the lining of the wall, if you place a wall on it and the mortar. It overflows then you have done it with precision.  The next stage is to place the spacer in place and include your first wall, at that point, place another layer of mortar as you did the first and beat again until there is something on the line, and then you must use a dimension and make sure that is all the dimensions. If the mortar-falls on any glass office partition, remove it quickly with a soaked cloth or either a cloth to maintain a distance of drying.  Once you have placed the mortar, you are ready to place pleasure in the place, then you can include the next wall of reclassification of these media until the column is ready, you must make sure that the line is level.

An imperative advance to remember is that if you clean the mortar on the glass when you can with a cloth or a washcloth; avoid evaporation and soiling the walls.  The best guide to follow to install glass walls is to finish three rows include a line of mortar at that point, place a wire-stabilizer on top to strengthen the wall, you can now continue with your procedure until the wall is finished After the walls are introduced, the mortar can dry for twenty-four to thirty-six hours and seal the edges to wall moisture. It is almost over if you are installing a wall or either panel, you will have to place a globule of silicone putty around the opening and focus the panel keeping it level, and now it is ready to be placed. Touch the roof-nails around the panel to keep them. It was established you can now place a border around the glass and it is ready for you to appreciate it.  When you have finished three rows of walls, you can include a mortar-mix line and place a wire-stabilizer on top to help the wall, at which point you can complete the installation of the wall.

Allow most of this too dry for approximately twenty-four to thirty-six hours and seal putty around the edges to prevent moisture from entering. If you have finished effectively, this means that you can include a consistent touch of silicone around the outside so you can attach the wall panel, nail this in place and include trim and clean; you are currently ready to take full advantage of the glass wall.  The installation of glass walls by a glass wall company is extremely simple and well ordered; if time is allowed and you need some serious energy, in a moment you will have a glass wall inserted.